Hospitality Management

Diploma in Hospitality Management 1 Year Program

The Diploma in Hospitality Management helps the student develop a solid foundation in traditional hospitality business subjects and a global business mindset, the greatest asset and most critical skill in business today. This one year Diploma prepares our students to be leaders who possess a deep knowledge of the international hospitality environment

Enrollment Agreement Requirements:

  1. Breakdown: 24 courses + Business Capstone (480 hours) + Integrative Project ( 60 hours each quarter )
  2. Duration: 4 quarters (4 courses / quarter. Each quarter is 10 weeks.)
  3. Total Instructional Hours: 1440 hours
  4. International Students Requirements by SEVIS add 60 hours/ quarter for Integrative Project: 240 hours
  5. Tuition: $14,000  ( $3,500 / session) for 2015

Part 3: Optional in company integrative project in partnership with
 American Hotel Academy 

The second ICIP facilitates a deeper understanding of the hospitality industry practices by placing students for a longer time within a hotel, country club, resort in USA, Europe or Asia during which time they will be rotated on different positions in one or more departments of the host company; after completing the program: 6 – 12 months.