Business Administration Program

This is a 4 months program and it is completely suitable for F1 visa holders.  Students of this program are able to get their certificates at the end of the program.

Easy location in Manhattan Midtown!


  • Business Communication 100
  • Business Communication 101
  • Business Org & Management 100
  • Accounting

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To enroll this program students have to enroll for 4 classes and students can enroll for 2 different classes instead of classes above. You can see the elective classes below;

Accounting 100, Accounting 101, Accounting 102, Accounting 103, Computer Hardware / Software 100, Computer Applications 100, Computer Applications 101, Computer Applications 102, Data Base Management 100, Computerized Accounting 100, Computerized Accounting 101, Computer Aided Design 100, Computer Aided Design 101, Digital Computer Graphics 100, Desktop Publishing 100, Networking 100, Web Design 100, Payroll Accounting 100, Payroll Accounting 101

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